Event Outline About PDWC

At this Conference, specially selected invited Japanese high school students and top high school teams from over
a dozen countries around the world will connect through international cultural exchange and parliamentary debate
(teams of three students plus one accompanying teacher, or four participants from each school will attend).
The purpose of this conference is to support young people in becoming successful on a global stage,
through providing opportunities for the serious exchange of opinions in a spirit of friendly competition
with other high school students from around the world, thus developing their abilities to realize this future
global society as well as fostering lifelong friendships.

Final Debate (February 12) Emcee: Tetsuya Bessho

Born in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. Graduated from Faculty of Law, Keio University. Debuted in Hollywood in 1990 with the US-Japan joint film "Solar Crisis," became member of the U.S. Screen Actors Guild (SAG). He appears in many films and television shows, as well as on stage and radio. He founded Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia in 1999, of which he remains the president, and received a commendation from the chief of the Agency for Cultural Affairs. He has also assumed the position of "Visit Japan Ambassador," part of the Japan Tourism Agency initiative, and is a member of the expert panel to strengthen content at the Cabinet Secretariat's Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters. In 2010, he received the Iwatani Tokiko Award Encouragement Prize from the Iwatani Tokiko Foundation. Recipient of the Yokohama Culture Prize in 2014.
Winner of the Best Dresser International Award in 2016. Anchor for BS11 "Hodo Live INsideOUT" (8:59-9:49pm, Monday to Thursday).


2017 PDWC Announcement of (the) results

“NHK WORLD Presents the 2017 PDWC”
On February 16, 2017, NHK WORLD featured highlights from our conference in its program NHK NEWSLINE, seen in 150 countries around the world. Here is the link to the program which can be seen for 2 weeks.

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