Event & Community Movies

The Parliamentary Debate World Conference (PDWC) is not only an event,
it is a community that fosters lifelong friendships.
The seeds of those friendships are planted during the course of a
weeklong experience in Japan, and often begin to deepen immediately.
These movies showcase these relationships at the moments that they are forming.
Take a look and enjoy—and remember.

  • WakuPro Foundation

    2018PDWC Highlights (5min)

  • WakuPro Foundation

    2018PDWC Official Film (88min)

  • Team Shibuya

    Team Shibuya - #2018PDWC

  • Team Marshall Islands

    Team Marshall Islands - #2018PDWC

  • Team Sakae Higashi

    Team Sakae Higashi - #2018PDWC

  • Team Australia - #2018PDWC