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【About our Privacy Policy】

The Parliamentary Debate World Conference Executive Committee (PDWC) takes the greatest possible care to handling of personal information related to PDWC operations in order to ensure that such information is protected.
The PDWC will not alter any information provided by you without your agreement.
The PDWC may share the information you provide with a third party depending on the type of PDWC service (for example, your name and address may be shared with a delivery service charged with sending you materials).

【Acquisition and management of personal information】

In the course of providing services, the PDWC may acquire personally identifiable information via entry forms such as name of school or company, name, address, email, telephone number, fax, etc.
In respect for your privacy, the PDWC recognizes the importance of protecting personal information and will strictly manage any information acquired from you.

【How personal information is used】

The PDWC acquires and uses personal information for the following purposes. You will be notified in advance if your personal information is to be used for any other purpose than those stated here.
1. To provide you with services.
2. To respond to inquiries from you.
3. To send you any materials you request.

【Disclosure of personal information】

Except when you have given permission to do so, the PDWC will not disclose or provide your personal information to any third party. However, in the following instances, personal information may be disclosed:
1. When such disclosure is required by law
2. When it has been determined to be necessary in order to protect the property, rights, benefit, honor, reputation, etc. of you, the PDWC, or a third party
3. When it has been determined to be necessary in order to uphold the services of the PDWC.


Thank you for applying as a participant in the Fourth PDWC High School Parliamentary Debate World Conference.

In connection with your participation in the High School Parliamentary Debate World Conference, the Parliamentary Debate World Conference Executive Committee requires your agreement in regard to usage of portrait rights and handling of information. We ask that you participate only after thoroughly reading the contents herein and only if you agree to them.

▼About portrait rights for individuals' images

During this event, staff and members of the media may record this event using photograph or film. All copyrights and portrait rights, whether in such photographs or videos, belong to the sponsors. Photographs and videos taken will be used in the following ways.
1. On websites, blogs, Facebook and other social networks operated by the PDWC
2. In magazines, newsletters, and reports published by the PDWC
3. In advertising media (magazines, television, etc.) used by the PDWC

▼About handling of content of questionnaires, comments, etc.

The contents of questionnaires and other information and materials of participants and spectators ("subject matter") will be posted in the following ways.
・Main places of posting: website(s) operated by the PDWC
・Content to be posted: portrait photographs, videos, and content of questionnaires and comments

1. Copyrights for subject matter shall belong to a third party designated by the High School Parliamentary Debate World Conference Executive Committee (PDWC).
2. The PDWC shall be able to post or delete subject matter without obtaining individual permission from participants, etc.
3. The PDWC shall be able to use subject matter within the scope of the following purpose ("purpose of subject matter").
Subject matter: posting on this website or creating statistical materials that do not identify individuals
In addition to this, regardless of media or format, undertaking or having the third party undertake PR of educational and other activities of the PDWC
4. The PDWC shall be able to, within the scope of purpose of subject matter, freely duplicate, process, edit, distribute or otherwise use or have a third party use subject matter without obtaining individual permission from participants, etc., and without any form of remuneration.
5. Participants, etc. shall not make any claim to portrait rights, copyrights, or moral rights in regard to the use of subject matter by the PDWC or the third party.