Greetings from the Sponsors
in Preparation for the World Conference

Greetings 1

We are pleased to announce that our foundation will be convening its second International Friendship Program, the 2017 PDWC (2017 High School Parliamentary Debate World Conference).

In 2016, with the theme "Friendship Fosters the Future," high school students from 13 countries* from around the world exchanged diverse views through debate. While learning about the culture and history of Japan, they also built lifelong friendships that continue even today. I am especially delighted that these warm interactions beyond national borders have proved to be long lasting.

In the year 2017, we have chosen the theme of the event to be "Future Peace Ambassadors" so as to brighten the futures of these young people with inspiration and vision. To that aim, we have invited numerous guest speakers from around the world. all leaders in their various fields, to provide insights and enable discussion of issues from a broader perspective.

It has been my long held earnest wish to create opportunities in Japan, a country at peace, for heartfelt interactions in which people can truly feel that "we are all one."

*Afghanistan, Australia, Israel, Korea, Mongolia, Nepal, New Zealand, Nigeria, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, Vietnam, and Japan

2017 PDWC High School Parliamentary Debate World Conference
President of the Board, WakuPro Foundation

Greetings 2

It is an honor and a delight to once again take part in the PDWC High School Parliamentary Debate World Conference and Competition.

Since the 2016 event, in all my meetings and communications with the participants, I am struck by how passionate, focused, and engaged these young people have become. Watching them enthusiastically build bright futures for themselves, deepen the friendships they built during their time together, and grow in awareness of their global citizenship, I am deeply inspired and activated.

And so I await the arrival of our Future Peace Ambassadors in 2017, and will strive to provide ample opportunities for them to awaken the peace ambassadors within themselves and in one another.

Finally, as a non-Japanese member of the team of Japanese hosts, I note with appreciation that this conference is also an excellent opportunity to experience, observe and learn about the Japanese art of hospitality, one of Japan's many unique leadership qualities it can share with the world.

2017 PDWC High School Parliamentary Debate World Conference
Executive Committee
Director, WakuPro Foundation
Skip Swanson

Greetings 3

I am delighted and grateful that the Angel Grandia Echigo Nakazato Resort Hotel in Echigo Yuzawa was chosen once again by PDWC for its 2017 cultural event.

At the event last year, I was deeply moved to observe young people from many countries as they gathered to exchange views on serious topics in English. At our facility we offered the opportunity to experience Japanese culture as well as snow sports, and I believe that in some small way we helped them build their friendships across national borders.

This year as well, we hope to provide memorable hospitality and work together to make this conference a success; all of our staff would like you to know that we are prepared and looking forward to your arrival.

2017 PDWC High School Parliamentary Debate World Conference
President and CEO, Angel K.K.
Toshiyuki Ando

Greetings 4

I would first like to express my profound gratitude to those who made the 2016 First High School Parliamentary Debate World Congress such a great success, starting with Saitama Prefecture and Kumagaya City, as well as the many others who lent their support and backing to this endeavor.

It gives me great joy that high school students from around the world could come together under one roof, and through debate and cultural exchange were able to overcome their differences and attain mutual understanding. In addition, it is with pride that I note that the hosting after the debate competition of the Wagokoro Project, which brought three young artists representing Japan to introduce to guests the charms of Japanese culture by experiencing traditional arts, was also highly popular.

All of us at the Hotel Heritage are confident that this second conference will be even more rewarding, both in the content and thanks to a larger number of participating countries. We are sincerely grateful that the conference will take place in our facility, Heritage Resort, surrounded by nature. We hope that our hotel will become your second home, and we await your arrival with the warm heart of "Omotenashi" hospitality.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the supporting organizations that understand the significance of the conference for their cooperation.

2017 PDWC High School Parliamentary Debate World Conference
Executive Committee
Heritage Resort K.K., Planning Office Director
Miho Baba

Greetings 5

I feel extremely "Waku waku"―Japanese for excited―to be participating once again in this conference.
It has been gratifying to see how the intention of our first conference, "to foster friendship," has been internalized by so many.

This time, our theme is "future peace ambassadors," and it is my dearly held wish that this event will be the first step the participants of this event take toward creating a peaceful future world that is free of war.

I will be glad if the participants from around the world enjoy each of their interactions on their way to becoming "Pro" Peace Ambassadors. I sincerely look forward to meeting all of you powerful people at the conference.

2017 PDWC High School Parliamentary Debate World Conference
Executive Committee
President, K.K. Nakadai Jimu Center
Misako Fujita